HealthPhysics.com is a gathering place of opportunity created to help people in the Health Physics community - individuals and businesses, young and old, the experts and the novices, the private sector and those in local, state and federal government - thrive. Locally, nationally, globally.

It's where student and trainers meet, where knowledge is shared and knowledge is gained, where businesses and governments create training curricula from multiple companies and individuals to best suit their needs. It's where a person or a business with a challenge to solve finds the expert or business or product that will provide the best solution for the best value.

It's where the public can turn to for free training and free access to experts, especially during times of heightened interest. HealthPhysics.com is global in reach, bringing knowledge, skill, ability and opportunity to every community.


    HealthPhysics.com — "A New Home for the Radiation Safety Professional" will be presented Monday, 12 July 2015 at the  60th Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society, Indianapolis, Indiana.